"Top of the Lake" Getting a Second Season Is a Victory for Every TV-Lover

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look at this fking p4k illo [via]

one of the best 🍁autumn🍁 records of my life; seeing Alk3 do two full albums in brooklyn tonight; hope this is one of em; gonna rule no matter what; zcrest out

This is so good. Leslie Jones’s talent is stunning, and Sasheer Zamata doesn’t have to do all the “black woman on the SNL cast” lifting anymore.

PS: I’m doing quick, “three sketches you have to see” SNL recaps at Rolling Stone. Not sure if I shared that. Fun!


Spend time with writerfriends, especially if you work from home and don’t have “coworkers.” You do have coworkers—they’re the people in your field who you know and trust and tweet with and email with and would like to know. Internet writerfriends are still writerfriends, and they’re great candidates to becomes real life friends.

If you’re socially awkward and/or anxious like me and every other writer, do your best to push through that when you can. You’ll pretty much always be glad you did. There’s a high premium on HUMAN CONNECTION, and you don’t really get it on the internest very often.

also: cultivate writerfriendships that allow you two (or more) to get together and not just “hang out” but to also both be working on your computers or phones or notebooks. it’s not only fine, it’s fun, and challenging, and awesome.

blogging in america is really happening guys. Follow, pass to your writer friends, have fun.

sidewalk glass

thank you internet — YOU CAN DO THIS


Poster: ‘Jurassic World

Can’t ever pretend I don’t care about this.

New York Comic Cat Con ‘14 (at some comic shop in bay ridge)

nobody told me my favorite Dark Tower novel was getting its own Marvel comic run, omg


tools: caffeine

pretty sure you can’t do this job without caffeine

you can WRITE (a lot!) without caffeine, but when you’re on call around the clock, and when you might have to watch six episodes late one night and process them and take notes on them and then wake up at 5:45 and start blogging … you need to at least have a caffeine option

if coffee is brutalizing your stomach and your psyche and your life, switch to green tea w/ honey

soda will never help you

also: contrary to popular belief, you don’t need alcohol to do this job.

I worked at a restaurant with a beautiful 70-year-old French waiter and we talked about these guys every single shift. He gave me this (gave it!!!) before I left. Thank you based Gilbert 🙏