Two days before I meet Himanshu Kumar Suri, a.k.a. Heems, a.k.a. one of the two rappers who brought “Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell” into the world, he tweets, “Here Lies The Fat Guy From That Das Racist Fad.”

On a warm Wednesday in Brooklyn in early August, Heems isn’t fat, or even chubby, but he does seem exhausted enough to drop at any second. The 29-year-old Queens native looks stunning in an African-print inspired suit made from deep-hued fabrics he discovered in Thailand. Instead of a chain, he’s got a necklace of chunky rudraksha seeds. Later, I’ll find out rudraksha is spiritually significant in Hinduism and can be worn to ward off unhealthy habits.

Once we’re seated at adjacent corners of a table at Baby’s All Right, a restaurant/venue in Williamsburg, I mention that Heems looks sharp but not exactly well. “How should I be right now?” he mumbles. “How would you expect me to be?” I have no idea how he feels about doing this interview. His reply to my initial email request for a profile was “yes yes yes so down.” A few days later, by text: “Im in bk now can meet. well talk outside or at the fried chicken spot. But I gotta leave in an hour.” Then, earlier today: “U can ask me follow ups after the set but ill be drunk then.”

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Whoops, didn’t know this was one of the best songs in human history until Spotify handed it to me last weekend.


I missed out on this boot thing for the last 24 years, never knew it existed. Whoops. Glad I’ve got friends willing to educate me at this late date.


If you want to really hear Robin Williams - really hear him - you should listen to this incredibly moving interview he did with Marc Maron circa 2010.

It was the very first thing I thought about when I heard the terrible news of Williams’ death today. He talks so honestly and frankly about his alcoholism, his divorce, his depression, and so many other things.

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If people are going to talk about Robin Williams’ mental health in order to raise awareness, please understand that he had bipolar disorder. And please understand that it is different from clinical depression. It requires awareness and understanding just as much as depression. 

Both very important to pay attention to, learn about, talk about. Among all mental illnesses and disorders.

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Miss you already, man. Fuck.

You know and love at least several people who are battling what Robin Williams battled.

Try to steer them toward help. Really try.

BuzzFeed saw the insane, awful new cover for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and went to town.

Current To Read/Reread tower.

“I was supposed to say on [“New Day,” on ‘Watch the Throne’], ‘Come on, Jay, you know we’re both gonna have daughters.’ And I’m so mad, because you know when I pop that creative-genius shit? If I had had that, that could’ve been my one moment where I’m like: ‘Okay, fuck all the conversation. Look at that. I called that one.’”
Kanye West to Zach Baron in GQ. One of many excellent moments.

This cover is a 10. Can’t wait for Zach Baron’s piece to hit the internet on Monday. Yeezy season approaching.



An archive of 13,000 classic concerts from legendary artists just hit YouTube

If you don’t have weekend plans, the 2,000 hours of pristine, classic concert footage just uploaded to YouTube in 13,000 videos is a good place to start.

Music Vault, which is a division of Wolfgang’s Vault (which sells music-related posters, apparel and photography, among other things), has been working on this massive video project for two years, gathering footage from a variety of venues and festivals across the past five decades. It’s an ongoing process, and there are more videos to come, but this first upload has suddenly opened some of the best concerts — historic moments once lost to anyone who wasn’t there — back up to the world. 

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Happy Friday, everybody.

If you need us, we’ll just be over here, you know, rocking out.

Amazing. Live videos (especially full concerts) are one of my favorite things to watch with my daughter. Highly recommend this James Taylor one and this Lianna La Havas one. (Old favorites — not from Music Vault. The Music Vault stuff is very exciting though.)

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