BuzzFeed saw the insane, awful new cover for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and went to town.

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“I was supposed to say on [“New Day,” on ‘Watch the Throne’], ‘Come on, Jay, you know we’re both gonna have daughters.’ And I’m so mad, because you know when I pop that creative-genius shit? If I had had that, that could’ve been my one moment where I’m like: ‘Okay, fuck all the conversation. Look at that. I called that one.’”
Kanye West to Zach Baron in GQ. One of many excellent moments.

This cover is a 10. Can’t wait for Zach Baron’s piece to hit the internet on Monday. Yeezy season approaching.



An archive of 13,000 classic concerts from legendary artists just hit YouTube

If you don’t have weekend plans, the 2,000 hours of pristine, classic concert footage just uploaded to YouTube in 13,000 videos is a good place to start.

Music Vault, which is a division of Wolfgang’s Vault (which sells music-related posters, apparel and photography, among other things), has been working on this massive video project for two years, gathering footage from a variety of venues and festivals across the past five decades. It’s an ongoing process, and there are more videos to come, but this first upload has suddenly opened some of the best concerts — historic moments once lost to anyone who wasn’t there — back up to the world. 

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Happy Friday, everybody.

If you need us, we’ll just be over here, you know, rocking out.

Amazing. Live videos (especially full concerts) are one of my favorite things to watch with my daughter. Highly recommend this James Taylor one and this Lianna La Havas one. (Old favorites — not from Music Vault. The Music Vault stuff is very exciting though.)

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Knowles-Throne 4ever.

“All these fucking recaps, they’re crazy.”
— Pamela Adlon on the Louie blogsteria



The thing that sucks about mental illness is that if you aren’t depressed enough, suicidal enough, bad enough, nobody cares. Nobody cares until you reach their standard, and that standard is when your problem is bad enough to effect them

The amount of people who can relate to this makes me equally incredibly sad and immensely angry

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Jay and Bey’s faces after watching a pyrotechnics test. Jay and Bey’s faces after watching a pyrotechnics test.


I wrote a novel about three years ago and it took like two and a half years to edit. On July 22nd, it comes out in hardcover, Kindle eBook, and audiobook and you can preorder it here in any of those formats. You can also read more about it there. I don’t really know how to talk about the book, although I think I will probably be having productive conversations with a therapist about it in like 20 years. It’s my first and last book. 

When people ask what it’s about, I generally look at the floor and say, “It’s a novel,” and then if they press me, I say, “It’s a novel about being supported by your parents,” or, “It’s a novel about being supported by my parents,” or, “It’s a novel about a blog,” or, “It’s a novel about a Tumblr about a popular music reviews website.” I don’t know exactly how to describe it, but if you read the book and generate a concise and appealing description of it, email me and I’ll try to naturally work your description into situations where I have to talk about what my book is about, e.g., at my grandma’s birthday party in August, on dates, during interviews.

I suspect, if you liked this blog, you might really like the book. And if you hate-read/hate-followed this blog, I guarantee you will love the book and you should pre-order it now. The cover is above and I am the one in the black shirt. The model for the cover was this Minor Threat press photo but the cover didn’t turn out badass like the press photo.

Anyway, this has been the book’s official announcement. I hope you like the book.

David has something really, really special and beautiful on his hands with this novel. Keep an eye out.

“Well, all right. To be frank, most of it’s not very good. Some of it’s useful, though. One of the things is, it’s made this sort of continuing-story TV — you know what I mean, House of Cards, Damages, The Killing, Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, that kinda thing — the Internet and the blogs have made it possible for people to follow the stories even if they miss an episode or two. And thanks to the computer generation, they don’t really even have to do that, because you can always pull one down from iTunes or Hulu or something like that. But a lot of the actual criticism is pretty ham-fisted. I’m not just talking about reviews and stories about series that are not good. I know that the reaction on the blogs to Hostages, for instance, was [chuckles] pretty goddamn harsh! But a lot of that harsh criticism wasn’t written very well, and some of the [positive] criticism’s the same thing. But it’s been an interesting thing — you can’t, when you’re in the process of making these shows, writing a continuing series, it’s not a good thing to look at them too much, blogs and everything. Because a lot of times the speculation is very close to what you’re planning to do, and then the impulse is to say, “Oh, people have already figured this out! We have to change it!” And a lot of times, your first way of going’s your best way. Does that answer your question?”
— –Stephen King re: the online TV criticism machine | Grantland (via popculturebrain)