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Last updated 12/11/13.

ESPN’s GRANTLAND [staff writer page here]
• A Strange Encounter with Das Racist’s Heems
Capital-M MOMENTS from Jay Z and Beyoncé’s ON THE RUN
• You Can’t Just Invent "Draking," Guys
 Hopefully the Best EELS Interview You’ll Ever Read
• We Went There: Donald Glover’s Ambitious Childish Gambino Tour
• QT Eats: Tarantino’s 20 Best Food and Kitchen Scenes
• An Obsessive Ranking of Every Episode of Louie
• Sleigh Bells as Senseis of Self-Destruction at Terminal 5
A Super-Fan’s Humble Requests for Louie Season Four
• The 12 Steps of Experiencing The Hangover Part III
• Don’t Tell Fiona Apple to “Get Healthy, Bro”
• Lauryn Hill Postpones House Arrest to Tour
• Maybe Donald Glover Is Having a Harder Time Than We Thought
• On Bill Cosby's Potential Comeback
• Go to College, Learn About Springsteen
Long, Intriguing Black Lips Q&A


• A Long Conversation with Stephen King’s Author Sons, Owen King and Joe Hill
• A Lovingly Crafted Series of Essayish Recaps for Louie Season Three
• A Conversation with Pulitzer Winner Elizabeth Strout
• Louie’s Loves: Ranking the 20 Roughest Romantic Interludes on Louie
• Three Reasons For, And Eight Against, Ron Howard’s Dark Tower Adaptation
• The Arrested Development Superfan Quiz
• A Long Talk With Woody Allen’s Old/Louis C.K.’s Editor Susan E. Morse
• Rick Moranis Is Ready to Return to the World
• Recap Mania: Maron's Debut Season
• Recap Mania: Modern Family's Semi-Blah Fourth Season
• Azealia Banks Releases Her Most Substantial Mixtape Yet
• Frank Ocean Shares the Story of His First Love, a Man
• Jennifer Egan’s ’New Yorker’ Story Being Serialized on Twitter
• Salty Black Sabbath Drummer Sitting Out Reunion Tour
• Mark Wahlberg May Sell Your Grandma Some Avon
• Britney Spears's Creepy Husband Will Be Her Creepy Co-Conservator
• At Last, 98 Degrees Reunite
• Q&A: Derek Miller on Sleigh Bells's 'Reign of Terror'
• Elusive Odd Future Hero Earl Sweatshirt Returns

• EELS mastermind Mark Oliver Everett for Wonderful, Glorious
• Alkaline Trio Release Their Best Album in 10 Years
• Farewell, Thrice: A Thunderous Appreciation
• Crosby, Stills & Nash Rewind to 1969 in Tour Closer
Bon Iver Buddy Field Report Talks Debut Album
• Bad Religion's Greg Graffin: 'We're Still Creating Our Legacy' 
• Say Anything Now a Solo Act, Louis C.K.-Inspired Album En Route
An Interview with Kevin Bacon About Playing Music
• Track-by-Track Review: Muse - The 2nd Law
• Track-by-Track Review: Mumford & Sons - Babel
Alkaline Trio’s Matt Skiba Goes Solo: “It’s Gonna Be Loud”
• Say Anything’s Max Bemis: “This Record Is About Rebellion” 


 WTF with Marc Maron podcast for GQ’s Comedy Issue 
• Q&A: Actor Michael Emerson (Ben Linus on ‘LOST’) 
• Q&A: Author Joe Hill, Stephen King’s son 
• Q&A: Comedian Demetri Martin
• Gig Report: Muse is the Best Band Playing Stadiums Today
• Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains' Live Finale Report
• Q&A: Oscar-winning James Cameron producer Jon Landau
• Career Retrospective: Director F. Gary Gray (‘Friday,’ ‘The Italian Job’)
• Review: Stephen King’s 'Under the Dome'
• Stephen King's New Novella: Will Non-Baseball Fans Care? At All?
• The Great ‘Heroes' Experiment: Live-Blogging a Horrible Show
• The Muppet Man' Is Hollywood's Hottest Script? Seriously? 

• Feature: Director Kevin Macdonald and the Marley Documentary
• Anthony Bourdain's Creative Process for 'No Reservations'
• Master Class: DJ Pogo Teaches You How to Make a Remix
Profile of RCRD LBL founder/expert tastemaker Elliot Aronow
• Feature: Filmmakers Henry & Rel (Paranormal Activity 3)
• Feature: Interactive 'Bear 71' Film
• Interview: Shaq
• How ‘Alcatraz' Recreated the Iconic 'Bullitt' Chase
Q&A: 'Bully' Documentary Director Lee Hirsch
Q&A: Web Showrunner Ze Frank on Creativity and Brain Cracks
• Danish Director Talks 'Klown' and Danny McBride's Adaptation

• Jay-Z & Kanye West Live Review: The Garden Bows to The Throne 


Becoming the Healthiest Man Alive: A Talk With Author AJ Jacobs 


Thrice Dazzle Sell-Out Crowd in NYC

Getting 'LOST' Always Led Me Home


New media maestro and writer Eryk Salvaggio
Austrian writer Bastian Kresser
Filmmaker Alec Helm
Digital photographer Alicia Mullins
Italian writer Elena Premoli
Filmmaker and musician Matthew Lizzotte

• Zombies on AMC? Yes, and 'The Walking Dead' Is a Perfect Fit
• Why Do I Care About ‘Iron Man 2' So Damn Much?
• Writer Attempts to Understand Sister’s ‘Twilight' Obsession
• Q&A: ‘The Office’ star Craig 'Darryl' Robinson 
• Q&A: ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ star Tatyana Ali
• Q&A: ‘Fresh Prince’ star Karyn Parsons
• Q&A: Writer/actor Larry David 
• Q&A: YouTube musical phenom Greyson Chance 
• Video Interview: ‘Next Food Network Star’ winner Aarti Sequeira
• Q&A: Actor Frankie Muniz
• Q&A: Comedian Paul Scheer
• Q&A: Artist Mike Mitchell (‘I’m With Coco’ image)
• Pigeon fanciers discuss Mike Tyson 
• Q&A: ‘The Walking Dead’ zombie Joe Giles
• Q&A: Pop-covering Belgian choirmaster brothers Scala & Kolacny 
• Why Doesn’t Anyone Get Kanye West's Jokes?
• Five Series Reality TV Should Never Adapt
• Watching the ‘Boardwalk Empire' Finale, Moonshine in Hand
• Greyson Chance's Concert Debut
• Q&A: 'Two Gentlemen of Lebowski' author Adam Bertocci
• In the Time It Took to Watch ‘LOST,’ We Could Have…
• Can Justin Bieber Seriously Speak French?
• I’m a Guy and I Love ‘Sex and the City.’ All Of It
• 10 Ridiculous Roles for ‘The Office' Cast


• Finishing His Last Drink 
• Welcome to Chickenfest 
• Speak Easy and Carry a Big Cup 
• Flannel Zine: ‘This Is Maine’ 
• The King of ‘Cade 
• Q&A: Swedish metal bassist Peter Iwers of In Flames

• Reading the 'Mad Men' Memoir 
• Charlie Sheen, We Need to Have a Talk 
Which Celebrity Tattoos Hurt the Worst? 
Envisioning Taylor Swift's Next Breakup Song [Music Video]

• Book Spine Poetry