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Original album art by ALICIA ROSE BANE.

If you’re really into Bon Iver, you’ve probably listened to the two albums and the EP and the Volcano Choir stuff and the Shouting Matches and everything there is a stupidly large amount of times. This is something else to kill the time till the next actual release. Iveremixes; 18 songs, a little more than 80 minutes, designed as an album. (This is a passion project. No money happening.)

DJs featured:

Simplystics / Jack Deezl / Pro Stewart /  Das Kapital / Dfalt / jj-inc / Starkey / yepimnick / Karma Kid / QY (plz send link if you’re there) / Azedia / Duosseudo / Jugoe / Dataj / Second Date / Tomas Barfod / Skin Deep / Bright Matter



Have fun! Plz share w/ other Bon Iver fans.

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