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Original album art by my good friend ALICIA ROSE BANE. Check her out.

If you, like me, adore Bon Iver to the point of zealotry, you’ve probably burned out the two albums and sole EP, then listened to ‘em hundreds more times anyway. This drove me to hunt for some remixes—something I’d never actively done, or taken much interest in, as electronic anything tends not to be my bag. I learned that Bon Iver is spectacular material for remixing, and that a bunch of talented DJs and bedroom remixers had figured this out a long time ago. I scoured for remixes of every single studio track of Justin Vernon and Co.’s, keeping the ones that intrigued me and were readily available for free, non-shady downloads via SoundCloud and similar spots. I spent months listening, culling, sequencing and re-sequencing, ensuring stylistic variety, and here we are. 18 songs, a little more than 80 minutes, one experience that’s now jumping from my iTunes to the UNIVERSE as Iveremixes. (It might go without saying, but this is completely a passion project. Not commissioned by anywhere, nor monetized in any way.)

Funnily enough, Bon Iver will be curating their own fan-made remix album (only of Bon Iver, Bon Iver songs) shortly, so I had to beat ‘em to the punch and finally finish up this project. But if you’re a DJ or want to encourage any of the DJs you hear here on Iveremixes, Bon & Friends are giving away $1,000 for the best remix of each track. Anyway!

DJs featured, none of whom I’d ever heard of, none of whom I contacted, all of whom are either going to sue for $15 billion or be psyched to be part of this:
Simplystics / Jack Deezl / Pro Stewart /  Das Kapital / Dfalt / jj-inc / Starkey / yepimnick / Karma Kid / QY (who/what are you, QY?!) / Azedia / Duosseudo / Jugoe / Dataj / Second Date / Tomas Barfod / Skin Deep / Bright Matter

Tracklist, if you’re still awake:

Have fun! Please share with likeminded Bon Iver lovers who may find themselves intrigued by the sound of Justin Vernon’s falsetto being used to create a beat.