Inside the mind of Pop Culture Brain

Alex Rabinowitz has his mind on pop culture and pop culture on his mind.

His highly lauded blog, Pop Culture Brain, is like TV Guide for the Tumblr generation, offering a steady stream of network news and creative musings that covers everything from Jersey Shore trivia to Honey Boo Boo. In just four years, it’s racked up more than 81,000 followers.

“Popular entertainment as a reflection of our consciousness and as a great unifier is something that is of immense interest to me,” said Rabinowitz, who credits his parents’ “voracious” eclecticism for his early immersion in pop culture. “I love the escapism of the media that I cover and want to take it apart and examine how it all works as best I can.”

Thanks again to the Daily Dot. And sorry everyone else for the shameless self promotion and horn tootage.

Alex rules. You already know this. But you could stand a reminder.