Some things I just learned

Bob Dylan can smile.

Mick Jagger can grow a severely rad beard.

Well-known babeatron Marilyn Monroe was capable of looking like a 2000s-era Sports Illustrated swimsuit model.

Steven Tyler’s even weirder looking than I (everyone?) thought.

So is David Bowie.


Annnd so is Elton John.

(Actually, this is about on par for ol’ Rocket Man.)

There’s more than one shade to Chris Walken.

Jack Nicholson, however, has pretty much stuck to exactly that one shade.

Dennis Hopper wasn’t always gritty.

Hitchcock wasn’t always creepy. And he had kids.

Clooney has the capacity to be so more losery than you imagined.

But Brando had the exact capacity for weirdness you imagined.

And last but not least, Connery + Mustache = My Grandfather

See all 125 rare celebrity shots here. Impetus for visiting the site: fyeahthebeatles. (Which I learned long ago is one of God’s great gifts to Tumblr)